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Anonymous asked: did you come up with those Dr. Seuss titles, or did you find it somewhere on the internet (like i did)?

I got them off buzzfeed, it says so on the images. i hate that post.

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Anyone want an ESO beta key?

I have an Elder Scrolls Online beta key that will work today and tomorrow if anyone wants it. I didn’t really enjoy the game so first come first serve.

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Pussy Riot arrested yet again in Russia -


With the Olympics now over, Russia can get back to the hard work of suppressing human rights at home and trying to draw Ukraine back under the Kremlin’s control through supporting despots.

Hundreds of protesters held a demonstration Monday outside a court in Moscow, as seven defendants were sentenced to four years in prison. The defendants were on trial for participating in a protest against against Vladimir Putin in May, 2012 on the eve of his third presidential inauguration.

More than 100 protesters were detained, accused of disrupting public order. Among them were Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina of Pussy Riot. It was their third-run with Russian authorities in the last week, having been detained on a trumped-up charge of stealing a woman’s handbag in Sochi and then getting whipped by Cossack security forces for staging an impromptu protest-performance in their signature ski masks.

The court had delayed sentencing of the seven defendants and their timing—deciding to hold the sentencing a day after the Olympics closing ceremony, was widely seen as an attempt to save face on the world stage until while the spotlight was still on Sochi. Putin also freed Tolokonnikova and Alyokhina from jail a couple months early right before the Olympics, apparently figuring any damage they could do on the street as high-profile protesters would be less damning than having them conspicuously absent, sitting behind bars.

But the Olympics are over—the profile of Russia’s premiere beach resort town has inexplicably become famous for ice sports, and a few Russian plutocrats now doubt got a little richer in the process. Seems like Putin isn’t wasting any time getting back to business as usual.

Images from the protest below, courtesy of The Voice Project:

image 11 Pussy Riot arrested yet again in Russia

image 31 Pussy Riot arrested yet again in Russia

image 41 Pussy Riot arrested yet again in Russia

image 51 Pussy Riot arrested yet again in Russia

image 61 Pussy Riot arrested yet again in Russia

Images: The Voice Project

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Yeah we do.

Yeah we do.

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A Senator Asks A Panel Of Experts To Defend Walmart. It Gets Awkward. -


Bernie Sanders is amazing.

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Bill Day: Son of a Gun


Bill Day: Son of a Gun

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